Monday, 26 September 2016

Jamaica A Failed State

Over the past seven (7) days over thirty people have been shot and killed in Jamaica. The police and the military seems helpless. Most of the killings are taking place in the Montego Bay area, the question on everybody lips is who next.

These gunmen shoot at random they don't care who they shoot, the prime minister Andrew Holiness was on a tour in the Montego Bay Area with members of the police and military in attendance. While they where touring the trouble parts of the second city gunmen where still killing.

It is sad to say that Jamaica is a Failed State but with the high level of murders and corruption that,s the only conclusion. 

What the solution, that's the number one question it seems everyone has run out of options everything that has been tried have failed. Operation Ardent FAILED, Kingfish FAILED and now MOCA FAILED.

Below Shooting at Gas Station In Montego Bay St. James Jamaica.

Both the PNP and the JLP has FAILED, people are running away from Jamaica like how people are running away from Syria.
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Sunday, 21 August 2016


Thousands of Jamaicans are under investigation as United States law-enforcement officials collaborate with local police to break the back of the lottery scam and other telemarketing crimes.
Under Project JOLT (Jamaican Operations Linked to Telemarketing), an international task force comprised of agents and officers focused on combating Jamaica-based telemarketing fraud operations, 26 Jamaicans have been already indicted in the US District Court of North Dakota on 60 counts of money-laundering conspiracy.
In April, US authorities put in a request for 14 extraditions, following which eight people were arrested in a massive operation in Montego Bay and are currently awaiting the finalisation of their court proceedings.
Six are, however, still on the run, including the alleged leader of the organisation, Lavrick Willocks.

According to a senior US Embassy official, who did not wish to be named, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as hundreds of other Jamaicans are being investigated.
"There are hundreds of active investigations, or even thousands. There are dozens of cases where hundreds of individuals are very close to prosecution with the JOLT task force, and thousand more individuals are currently under investigation for their criminal activities," the official said.
"There have been hundreds of prosecutions, and for every one prosecution or arrest there are two or three other persons that are close to being arrested or close to being charged, and five or six other people who are persons of interest. So we are looking at thousands of people."
In 2012, C. Steven Baker, a Chicago-based director with the US Federal Trade Commission, told the Associated Press that Jamaica's scammers could be bilking Americans out of $1 billion a year.
The scammers are believed to have various methods of selecting their prospective victims.
Some are said to purchase legitimate telemarketing list and sort through based on people's ages, and make hundreds of phone calls daily seeking out the most vulnerable.
The latest Federal Bureau of Investigation arrest notice identifies 27-year-old Willocks' five cronies as being Mario Hines, 23; Akil Gray, 26; Gregory Gooden, 34; Tristan Fisher, 29; and Gareth Billings, 37.

They are accused of bilking approximately 80 elderly Americans out of more than US$5.5 million, in what is described as "an international lottery fraud scheme" that ran for just over six years.
The US official said Willocks is considered to be the mastermind as well as the most dangerous of the men at large.
"What we are worried about is that the Willocks' organisation and Willocks himself, along with the five alleged criminals, are at large here in Jamaica and could potentially bring a lot of violence to whichever community they are hiding out in," said the embassy official.
"If you look at what's going on in Montego Bay, scammers know that the Willocks organisation is on the run and they see it as vulnerable. A lot of the violence is scammer-on-scammer violence, and now that they see this organisation as potentially weak because it is under criminal indictment, who knows what might happen."

As part of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, which is one pillar of America's security strategy focused on citizen safety throughout the hemisphere, the US has spent tens of millions of dollars with the main focus being on combating the lotto scamming and other transnational crimes.
"By the time people have become armed and dangerous and are this deep into lotto scamming, the only solution is for them to face justice," the embassy official said.
"We have seen the criminal-minded at all levels of society and in all different institutions; all ages participate in the scam."
The US Embassy official, who described the level of cooperation received from local law enforcement as unprecedented, believes it is very unfortunate that the country has a crime named after it.
"Because there are scammers operating in other CARICOM nations, but what do people call it? They call it the Jamaican lottery scam. It is never good to have a national brand connected to a crime," the US Embassy official emphasised.
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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Second Medical Doctor Has Died From Swine Flu In Jamaica.

A next medical doctor has died from H1N1 (Swine Flu) related complications.
Doctor, Denise Duncan Goffe, is the sixth person to have died since the virus was first reported here in January and the second doctor to have died from the virus.
Duncan Goffe, who was over 60 years old, had been admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies.
Chief medical officer, Dr Winston De La Haye, says she was in the high-risk group as she had other complications.
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Zika Virus Increase In Jamaica Three (3) New Cases Confirm

zika v
Zika Virus Pic

The Ministry of Health i Jamaica has confirmed three additional cases of Zika virus infection, bring to four the number of affected persons in Jamaica, to date.
Two of the infected persons are from Christian Pen and Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, while the other is from Lyssons, St. Thomas.
The first Zika case was confirmed in February 2016.
Doctors have linked the Zika virus to microcephaly which is the abnormal smallness of the head of infants which is associated with incomplete brain development. 
The zika virus is cause from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, please avoid mosquito bites.
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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

South To North Coast Toll Rate Proposed Are As High As 3700

The Toll Authority has put Out the proposed rates for the North-South link of Highway 2000 which runs from Caymanas in St Catherine to Ocho Rios/Mammee Bay, St Ann.
The Rates Are As Follows:
Angels to Caymanas
Class One: $180
Class Two: $350
Class Three: $520
Class Four: $80
Linstead to Caymanas
Class One: $500
Class Two: $1000
Class Three: $1,500
Class Four: $250
Unity Valley to Caymanas
Class One: $800
Class Two: $1600
Class Three: $2450
Class Four: $400
Lydford to Caymanas
Class One: $1000
Class Two: $1,980
Class Three: $2,980
Class Four: $500
Ocho Rios to Caymanas
Class One: $1220
Class Two: $2,450
Class Three: $3,700
Class Four: $600

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Jamaican Government ministers ridiculous High Phone Bills

Are the Jamaicans politicians spending too much time on the phone talking, or is that they simple don't care when spending tax payers money. Lets take a serious look at the last Government Ministers telephone bills and see.

Foreign Affairs State Minister Arnaldo Brown's bill for the year was the highest.
The Junior Minister, who roams on his foreign trips, had a $1.09m cell phone bill for the twelve months.
For June this year alone, Mr. Brown's cell phone was 410-thousand dollars.
He recorded $150,000 in October last year and 170-thousand dollars in December.
His senior minister AJ Nicholson calls cost $230,000 for the year.... about a quarter of his junior's cell phone bill.
The next highest bill was that of  Energy Minister Phillip over 930-thousand dollars.
He has two cell phones.
For one month, Mr. Paulwell's Digicel phone bill was $116,000.
His junior minister Julian Robinson cell phone bill for the year was $76,000.
Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson and Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill inched close to $800,000 in talk time.
Dr. Ferguson with this two cell phones totalled  $749,000 for the year.
Mr. Pickersgill charge was $791,000...except his ministry submitted only 11 bills.
In June this year, Mr. Pickersgill's cell phone bill was $142,000.
The same ministry spent  $110,000 on junior minister Ian Hayles account for the entire year.
But from January to May this year, that account was in credit to the tune of $48,000 dollars because the ministry had apparently overpaid the bill.     The ministry says it had overpaid in January...though it is said by $18,000.
 With two phones, Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeil's cell phone bill for the was almost half a million dollars... but again only 11 bills.
In one month talk charges were $153,000.
His junior minister Damion Crawford's cell phone will was $364,000. 
In February, his bill was $180,000. 

Local Government Minister Noel Arscott's bill was $289,000 and junior Colin Fagan's $200,000 for ten months. Transport, Works and Housing and its two cabinet ministers and one state minister combined for over $400,000 bill.
Richard Azan's cell phone bill was $53,000 for entire year.
Youth Minister Lisa Hanna's bill was low relatively compared with the others...$45,000.
Mark Golding, the Justice Minister, does not have a government mobile phone assigned to him.
Of the records we received, National Security 

Minister Peter Bunting $32,000 bill was the lowest. Of note too is that his monthly bill cell phone bill remained at also $2,700.
The ministries of Finance, Education and Labour and Social Security have not responded.
The Agriculture, Investment, Industry and Commerce ministries have promised to provided their bills shortly.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

A'Mari Says Gully Is A Great Kisser..

Gully Bop is a great kisser It's like fire when he touches my body, A'Mari says
Undeterred by Gully Bop's scruffy appearance and his very public falling out with ex-girlfriend, Shauna Chin, US-based artiste A'Mari says she is now head over heels in love with the near-toothless dancehall artiste who she said is a good kisser and lover.

There's more to him than his appearance. He has a soft touch, and while other men would take long for me to climax, when Gully touches me, I instantly reach a climax. It's like fire when he touches my body Amari said.
A'Mari said that people who focus on Gully Bop's appearance, including his lack of teeth, have no idea on how genuine and caring a person he is.
"People don't know that he cries a lot, he breaks down a lot because he is a sensitive person. He cries for the homeless and the poor. He's a good man," she said.
Amari said a lot of people didn't even know that he was sleeping on the floor and I got him an apartment. I couldn't be using him because I have been helping him in the few weeks that we've been together. In fact, we're gonna be moving in together when I get back to Jamaica.

Though her family has not yet been made aware of the relationship, A'mari does not foresee them having a problem with the union. In fact, she believes that Gully Bop is an even better fit than her previous boyfriend, who she says was mistreating her.
"Gully Bop is like a precious gem. At first, I really didn't see him as my type, but now, I feel like our love can last forever. It's unconditional. Gully Bop is my man," she said.
Ironically, A'Mari stated that she has never dated someone from the industry, as they are too scandalous. 
Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Split late year after a short relationship.

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