Monday, 26 September 2016

Jamaica A Failed State

Over the past seven (7) days over thirty people have been shot and killed in Jamaica. The police and the military seems helpless. Most of the killings are taking place in the Montego Bay area, the question on everybody lips is who next.

These gunmen shoot at random they don't care who they shoot, the prime minister Andrew Holiness was on a tour in the Montego Bay Area with members of the police and military in attendance. While they where touring the trouble parts of the second city gunmen where still killing.

It is sad to say that Jamaica is a Failed State but with the high level of murders and corruption that,s the only conclusion. 

What the solution, that's the number one question it seems everyone has run out of options everything that has been tried have failed. Operation Ardent FAILED, Kingfish FAILED and now MOCA FAILED.

Below Shooting at Gas Station In Montego Bay St. James Jamaica.

Both the PNP and the JLP has FAILED, people are running away from Jamaica like how people are running away from Syria.
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