Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Can The Jamaican Guinea Hen Weed Treat Ebola And HIV Effectively

This article was taken from Dr Henry Lowe all credit must be given to him.

A research article focused on Jamaican medicinal plants and authored by Dr Henry Lowe and his Biotech R&D team, has earned a spot in the respected peer-reviewed journal, the European Journal of Medicinal Plants.

The Journal is dedicated to publishing high quality papers in all areas of medicinal plants research, including plant growth and development, agronomic management, plant nutrition, plant physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, medicinal properties, and more.
Dr Lowe and his team recently discovered that proprietary extracts, from Guinea Hen Weed and Dibenzyl Trisulfide (a major chemical constituent), from the Jamaican variety of Guinea Hen Weed, have significantly inhibited the survival of the HIV virus.

“Even though these findings are still at the early stages of development, they show extremely promising potential, which could also impact the treatment of other viral diseases,’ Dr Lowe stated.

“This is especially important at this time, since several Caribbean Islands and other parts of the world, in particular countries in Africa, which are plagued by the HIV pandemic, but also life-threatening diseases, such as the re-emergence of viruses that cause Chikungunya and Ebola.”, he noted.

HIV is the cause of the Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which has claimed million of lives, and continue to do so, despite the discovery and development of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapies (HAART).

Guinea hen weed, Petiveria alliacea

The full scientific publication is contained in the online version of the European Journal of Medicinal Plants Volume 5(1) under the title: Petiveria alliacea L (Guinea Hen Weed) and its major metabolite dibenzyl trisulfide demonstrate HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity.

Please note that this is not cure for HIV or Ebola the only cure is prevention.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Can Mosquito Spread Ebola

Good news mosquitoes can not spread Ebola, the Ebola virus is spread by direct human contact body fluids saliva, blood, vomit and feces etc. The Ebola virus can not survive in mosquitoes.

The best solution for Ebola is prevention, avoid all contacts with people with Ebola that is going to be the hardest task. People travel everyday to and from countries with the deadly Ebola virus you have to screen people at ports of entry but that poses a next big problem, the virus does not shows up immediately.

Ebola is a death sentence you have a 90 percent chance of dying when you catch Ebola, no joke thing prevention is the best cure. If you know of a person who has the Ebola virus stay away from them if by any chance you have to  deal with them please equip yourself with the proper protective gear.

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