Friday, 13 June 2014

Crime In Jamaica (Among The Highest In The World)

The crime rate in Jamaica is among the highest in the world, every six hours somebody is been murdered in Jamaica. The main problem in Jamaica is kids with guns, fifteen and fourteen year old kids decide who lives from who dies.

A fifty four year old lady by the name of  Eulis Jones Hamilton was robbed $200,000.00 Jamaican dollars then shot in the head gangland style. Every year at least 1200 Jamaicans are been murdered cold blooded mothers and fathers been shot down like animals in the streets. Is there a civil war going on in Jamaica good question, Jamaicans are warring among themselves for no reason at all.

Soldiers On Patrol In a Crime Bed Community 

What is the government doing about it, another good questions my answer would be nothing. The garrisons was setup by the politicians to secure votes now these garrisons are crime beds, the politicians protect the criminals from the police and the criminals in return helps to secure the votes for the politicians in return.

Living Conditions In A Jamaica Garrison

With the above said you can definitely see that the police are given basket to carry water. Lack of education is also a cause for concern most people who are from these garrison areas are deprive of the opportunity of getting an education because of financial reason. Because of a lack of skills to survive they eventually turn to crime as a means of survival.

Living in the garrison is a very ruff experience they are no good role models, the main role model is the don. In Jamaican the don is the crime boss he determining who lives and who dies. He also act as an liaison officer for the politicians, he collects the spoils from the politicians and share it among the masses who lives in the area which he controls. I know of dons who are as young as sixteen Lol aint that a big joke.

Unemployment is very high in Jamaican, Jamaica are become a sore eye to do business because of high crime rate, high taxation and high energy cost. You find a lot of young people with nothing to do so they turn to crime to get by.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Does Music Cause Violence

Does music cause violence, that's a very interesting question so we have to answer it very carefully. My answer to this would be yes, young people look up to entertainers they dress like them, they walk like them and they talk like them.

Stop violence
You are what you listen, you wont find a preacher listening to gangster rap or a gangster listening gospel music, people choose music to match there lifestyle. If you should look back at your grand parents days when there weren't so much violence around there weren't no gangster music.

People are singing that they will shoot, rob and kill, a kid who is 15 and don't know how to think for themselves and see these entertainers as role model what you think they will do. We as adult and role models have to think for these kids and preaching violence to them thru music is not the way for us adults to go.

Music influence fashion, sex and in some cases it influence violence, Please stop the violence in music.
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How To Retire (Retire On Investments Not Saving)

How and when to retire that's the number one questions on everybody lips, you retire when you have accomplish all your goals or when you have reach the age of retirement. A lot of people are saving towards retirement nothing is wrong with savings in fact i encourage savings in all forms.

But in these modern times you cant just retire telling yourself that you have enough saved, with the high cost of living that wont last long. Heath care is a money drainer, the older you get in life is the more health issues that you will have and lets be honest heath care isn't cheap. Food is getting more expensive and it will be more for you, look back at 20 years how much money you spend for groceries. So right there and then inflation as deplete your savings.

Lets take another route to retirement, investments what i love about investments is that your capital remains you will benefit from earnings, yes earnings you will be still making money when you are retire. There a lot of long-term investments you can try, but always remember to do your own research before you invest, they are a lot of crooks who are looking a fast dollar.

Any thing that sounds too good is never true, seek the service of a good and trustworthy investor always remember to read the fine print and never be in a hurry to sign.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Business Of 'Getting Rich Quick'

I am very impress with this column i would really like to share with you. i give all credit to Yaneek Page a great writer.

QUESTION: I am a third-year marketing major at the University of Technology. I need some advice and you are the ideal professional candidate. I have always wanted to be a successful business person, but my major problem is that I lack a sense of direction. How do I develop a sense of direction? How did you develop yours? How much work, dedication and drive did you take to start your own business? How do I know what product is right for my business? I have two goals in terms of business (as listed on the document which describes what a day in my life should be like five years from now). What would I need to do to stay focused and achieve those goals?

BUSINESSWISE: I wanted to share in detail your five-year vision, but at almost a thousand words, there wasn't enough space. Let me highlight for readers how you envision a day in your life at age 27:
  • Waking up after 9 a.m. and having breakfast in bed;
  • Calling to check in on business, a rustic café, which is managed by your mother;
  • Having a spouse who earns over $8 million a year after tax as a marketing consultant;
  • Enjoying leisurely lunch dates at upscale restaurants;
  • Receiving an award from the Young Entrepreneurs Association which gives you an advantage with investors;
  • Having the bank organise a meeting for you with wealthy investors who agree to invest $400 million at 2.5 per cent annual return - and reward your brilliance with a new luxury car.
I respect high ambitions, but what you describe is an ostentatious fantasy that may only come true if you won the lottery, and even then, it wouldn't be sustainable because the thirst for opulence without supporting earnings is a fast track to poverty.
What's frightening is that your aspirations aren't uncommon. I've heard similar expectations from college students to whom I've presented on the realities of entrepreneurship.
Months ago, I delivered the keynote address to some university graduates receiving awards for academic excellence and urged them not to overestimate the utility and value of their degrees, that the journey of learning had just begun, and that they should be prepared to work for small salaries to gain experience, exposure and real-world knowledge.
Realistic goals
My recommendation for greater humility and delayed gratification annoyed a senior lecturer who shook his head at me in disdain. I hope he and his like-minded colleagues will soon open their eyes to the untenable deficiencies of some universities in acclimatising students to the realities of enterprise and the corporate world.
You've posed too many questions for me to address in a single column so I'll concentrate on the fundamental principles of goal setting and managing expectations. You wanted to know how to stay focused to achieve your goals, but focus won't work miracles. You must first set practical goals which meet the 'SMART' test, in that they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic/relevant and time-bound.
Align your expectations with the reality of entrepreneurship - it's not an idyllic vocation where people can put in minimal effort and get rich quick. Businesses don't develop and succeed with absentee owners who supervise from afar.
You've got to be present, often as the head cook and bottle washer, sometimes 12 hours a day or more. If you dare to relax, the competition or change will run you over.
Start-ups can't fund elaborate lifestyles - but they can reduce you to living like a pauper, especially when you fall into the trap of 'lifestyling out' the profits instead of reinvesting them to grow the business.
Banks don't arrange venture capital or investor meetings for entrepreneurs; they make money lending depositors' funds at substantial interest rates.
Don't be fooled by their lip service about driving the entrepreneurial spirit either. We still aren't a priority. They still classify small businesses as high risk, lack the capacity to assess them effectively, and would sooner lend $6 million for a luxury car than for equipment or property for productive activity.
The relevance of awards
Awards don't open doors immediately, if at all, especially to funding. Trust me, I have three prestigious business awards and none would impress an investor to fund millions or a bank to lend on favourable terms.
Also, investors are rarely attracted to new business ventures and would demand big returns if they are - not squander their cash on a car for you to profile in.
Developing a sense of purpose isn't the same for everyone, but at the core is identifying your passion and choosing your medium.
I developed a passion for justice in graduate school, enthralled by the study of restorative justice. I chose legal funding as the medium to effect change and impact Jamaicans positively.
Focus on who you want to serve rather than how much you want to earn.
Creating and delivering value comes before reaping rewards, so prepare for hard work and serious sacrifice rather than sudden riches.
One love!
Yaneek Page is an entrepreneur and trainer in entrepreneurship and workforce innovation. Email: Follow on Twitter @yaneekpage.Website:
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