Saturday, 7 June 2014

How To Retire (Retire On Investments Not Saving)

How and when to retire that's the number one questions on everybody lips, you retire when you have accomplish all your goals or when you have reach the age of retirement. A lot of people are saving towards retirement nothing is wrong with savings in fact i encourage savings in all forms.

But in these modern times you cant just retire telling yourself that you have enough saved, with the high cost of living that wont last long. Heath care is a money drainer, the older you get in life is the more health issues that you will have and lets be honest heath care isn't cheap. Food is getting more expensive and it will be more for you, look back at 20 years how much money you spend for groceries. So right there and then inflation as deplete your savings.

Lets take another route to retirement, investments what i love about investments is that your capital remains you will benefit from earnings, yes earnings you will be still making money when you are retire. There a lot of long-term investments you can try, but always remember to do your own research before you invest, they are a lot of crooks who are looking a fast dollar.

Any thing that sounds too good is never true, seek the service of a good and trustworthy investor always remember to read the fine print and never be in a hurry to sign.

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