Saturday, 7 June 2014

Does Music Cause Violence

Does music cause violence, that's a very interesting question so we have to answer it very carefully. My answer to this would be yes, young people look up to entertainers they dress like them, they walk like them and they talk like them.

Stop violence
You are what you listen, you wont find a preacher listening to gangster rap or a gangster listening gospel music, people choose music to match there lifestyle. If you should look back at your grand parents days when there weren't so much violence around there weren't no gangster music.

People are singing that they will shoot, rob and kill, a kid who is 15 and don't know how to think for themselves and see these entertainers as role model what you think they will do. We as adult and role models have to think for these kids and preaching violence to them thru music is not the way for us adults to go.

Music influence fashion, sex and in some cases it influence violence, Please stop the violence in music.

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