Friday, 13 June 2014

Crime In Jamaica (Among The Highest In The World)

The crime rate in Jamaica is among the highest in the world, every six hours somebody is been murdered in Jamaica. The main problem in Jamaica is kids with guns, fifteen and fourteen year old kids decide who lives from who dies.

A fifty four year old lady by the name of  Eulis Jones Hamilton was robbed $200,000.00 Jamaican dollars then shot in the head gangland style. Every year at least 1200 Jamaicans are been murdered cold blooded mothers and fathers been shot down like animals in the streets. Is there a civil war going on in Jamaica good question, Jamaicans are warring among themselves for no reason at all.

Soldiers On Patrol In a Crime Bed Community 

What is the government doing about it, another good questions my answer would be nothing. The garrisons was setup by the politicians to secure votes now these garrisons are crime beds, the politicians protect the criminals from the police and the criminals in return helps to secure the votes for the politicians in return.

Living Conditions In A Jamaica Garrison

With the above said you can definitely see that the police are given basket to carry water. Lack of education is also a cause for concern most people who are from these garrison areas are deprive of the opportunity of getting an education because of financial reason. Because of a lack of skills to survive they eventually turn to crime as a means of survival.

Living in the garrison is a very ruff experience they are no good role models, the main role model is the don. In Jamaican the don is the crime boss he determining who lives and who dies. He also act as an liaison officer for the politicians, he collects the spoils from the politicians and share it among the masses who lives in the area which he controls. I know of dons who are as young as sixteen Lol aint that a big joke.

Unemployment is very high in Jamaican, Jamaica are become a sore eye to do business because of high crime rate, high taxation and high energy cost. You find a lot of young people with nothing to do so they turn to crime to get by.


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