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How Does MagicJack Work?

How Does MagicJack Work?

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The MagicJack phone service works by plugging a small adapter into the USB port of a computer that is connected to high speed (broadband) Internet service. In a household, any computer connected to the Internet via a home network can do the job. Once the MagicJack is connected to the computer a traditional land line phone is plugged into the other end of the adapter and after a little configuration the MagicJack can be used to send outgoing long distance calls anywhere in the USA or Canada.
The question of how does MagicJack work has more to do with an existing technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) than it does any real magic. In the same way other companies such as Vonage do, the MagicJack adapter sends the phone conversation out over the Internet instead of the telephone company's voice lines. The conversation is converted into digital information, sent out over the Internet, then connected to the receiving party using their own local telephone service. To both parties the conversation appears to be very normal, almost as if it was taking place on a traditional land line network.
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Aspects of Positive MagicJack Reviews Include:
* For the vast majority of individuals purchasing the MagicJack the product seems to work as promised with very few problems.
* Low cost of ownership ($40 for the MagicJack and one year of free phone service)
* Low cost upgrade plans to add calling to Europe

Often Reported MagicJack Problems:
* no number portability (users cannot transfer the existing phone numbers to work with MagicJack)
* computer must be on all the time in order for the phone to ring
* not all phone handsets will work with the MagicJack
* Slows down computer boot times as the MagicJack connects to the MagicJack servers. Reports of up to three minutes of connection time have been reported although the company claims one minute or less is the common experience. * The most frequently reported MagicJack problems refer to claims of poor or unsatisfying customer service interactions.
As with almost all consumer electronics purchases the most important rule may be to keep the receipt. If the previously mentioned MagicJack problems occur in the first few days after installation return the MagicJack to the store and try a different VOIP carrier. The incredible cost savings of the MagicJack make it worth taking a look at, but if the problems persist even with the new carrier then the cause is most likely in the Internet connectivity of the home or in the hardware the MagicJack phone adapter is being plugged into.

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