Thursday, 26 July 2012

Swimming to Lose Belly Fat (Weight)

Being overweight is a tough battle that unless you are focused and determined, you can never win the battle of reducing the excess weight. This is because for many people weight reduction involves exercising which some view as a form of punishment and so they cannot engage themselves in it. However, the most important thing to know is that, losing weight involves burning more calories than you consume. The only way you can burn calories is by exercising. Exercising can be through swimming which is helpful in reducing belly fat. It also gets the heart pumping and protects against chronic illnesses.
Swimming is helpful to the human body since it facilitates a faster heart beat that employs the use of large body muscles.  For example, an individual who has a weight of 160 lbs goes for a swim for a period of one hour, the amount of calories that they will be burn is approximately 500. The amount of calories burned is directly proportional to the duration of the swim, swimming experience and the kind of swim stroke the person applies during swimming.
However, when you want to lose belly fat, swimming is the best exercise to engage in mostly for those who fear any other exercises that could as well help to burn calories like aerobics, kickboxing and running. In addition, swimming is also advantageous to the those who suffer from other diseases like arthritis. Swimming is preferred for those who suffer from arthritis since they cannot feel any difficulty during the exercise while at the same time they will be engaging in some powerful exercises. An additional advantage to those who swim in order to lose belly fat is that there is less muscle pain which gives them an opportunity to do swimming more often thereby contributing to great weight loss.
Apart from just burning calories, swimming also enhances the mood of an individual as it brings about a relaxed mind since most people take swimming as a form of entertainment rather than a serious activity. Its participants can be any body ranging from family members as well as the public if you swim in a community pool.  Swimming is also important when it comes to the development of lean muscles since its mass is metabolically active thereby ensuring that the burning of calories proceeds even after swimming which in turn helps to recuperate the body after the exercise. However those who have difficulty swimming or who cannot swim can look for a Flex Belt which can be found online and they can even get an ab belt discountthanks to coupons now available.

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