Saturday, 4 August 2012

LED VS LCD review

led vs lcd

If you are planning to buy a new TV for your home and have got confused over the battle of LED VS LCDs, then don’t blame yourself. Due to the new marketing strategies of the television companies, both aggressive and persuasive, all people have been bamboozled when they are faced with the LED VS LCD competition. However, you will be shocked to know that there is no need to be so puzzled on the LED VS LCD matter since they don’t have that much of a difference between them in reality.

The buzz of LED VS LCD in the market is actually the brainchild of clever marketing strategies from large TV manufacturers, to promote the sale of their new LED televisions and also push the sale of LCD televisions even further. However, these LED televisions in reality, are not a new kind or new generation TV. They are almost similar to the LCD televisions where they share almost a similar screen in which we see the picture. The main difference between these two televisions is that LED televisions use LED or Light Emitting Diodes to light the screen while LCD televisions use cold-cathode fluorescent lights or mostly known as CFL lights to light the screen on it. Therefore, you can see that there might not be that much of a difference in the feature evaluation of LED VS LCD and it might also be a big waste of time thinking about the winner in an LED VS LCD encounter.
However, there are a few differences between the LED and LCD televisions which are still adding fuel to this burning clash of LED VS LCD television. Among them, the most important one is the thickness of these televisions. LEDs, since they use LED lights, can be thinner than other LCDs as well as the plasma televisions. So, this is a winning blow from the new LED televisions. In addition to that, since LED televisions use LED lights, the picture is more clear and crisp in an LED television. According to this, pure white is brighter and dark black is deeper in an LED television compared to the LCD televisions. This is not the end of LED VS LCD war. Compared to LEDs, LCD televisions are quite cheaper; at least by 100 to 200 dollars. So, people on a budget always pick the LCD from an LED VS LCD dilemma and to be honest, this is an easy decision for them considering the price.  Besides that, the LCD televisions are available in almost any departmental store and are very easy to fix or replace. So LCDs have again got some advantages over the LEDs in the battle of LED VS LCD.
However, these features are not enough to make the verdict on the LED VS LCD. It is evident that in the fight of LED VS LCD, it will be very difficult to declare the universal winner that everyone will accept and it will be a waste of time arguing which is the best between these two.

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