Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mr Vegas What Goes Around Comes Arounds

Mr. Vegas was seen crying on onstage about is girlfriend cheating with a next man. But one thing I have to say to Vegas is what goes around comes around. A popular sound operator from Montego bay Jamaica was doing some work with Vegas. He left Vegas at his home with his wife when he returned he caught Vegas in a Compromising positions with his wife.

A few days later Vegas went to the studio and voice a tune call “You should a see the position me a wuk you woman in a last night” so why is Vegas crying now that him caught his girl with a next man. You can give bun but you can’t take Bun lol.

A lot of these dancehall artist a live a certain way and when the real reality reach them they want pity from the public. Bun fi Bun DJ Captain Barkley Got the final bun it  so hot  it kill him, Beanie Man the gal in a bundle Dj couldn’t manage the angel in is life.

Well everybody needs a hammer like the five star general BoUnTy KiLlEr

Bounty Killer

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