Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to Make Money From Your Youtube Videos

In this post, I’m going to share with you a pleasant discovery I made about Youtube, posting videos and earning quick bucks online. I earned almost a buck for every SINGLE person who watched my video. I was quite amazed at how well this worked – and you might be too.
Here’s how it started:
Burt Goldman, an author in Los Angeles who I do online markering for sent me a collection of all videos of some his lectures. I own a mailing list of people interested in meditation. I wanted to share the video with them. To save money and cost – I decided to just upload a clip of the video to Youtube.
Since it’s owned by Google – I know that YouTube would be reliable, free and easy to use. It made a heck of a lot more sense than attempting to host the video myself.

But there’s another really neat thing about YouTube.

YouTube does not insist that you need to host the video only on their site. After you upload your video – you can grab a piece of code to embed the video into your own website or blog.
In the screen shot below….I’ve pointed to the Embed Link using a red arrow. You just need to copy and paste this link in the HTML of your blog or site and the YouTube video will now run off your site.
So using this Embed link, I pasted the YouTube video on one of our personal development blogs, .
You can see how the video shows on our blog by visiting this page. 
I then included a link to the video as part of my regular monthly mailing to my meditation list.

Now Here’s Where the Magic Happened

From my list, about 500 people watched the video. This in turn caused the video’s popularity on YouTube to go up.
You see…YouTube has millions of videos. Most only get a few dozen views. When you have just 500 people view your video…this boosts your videos ranking sufficiently enough that it get’s pushed to the top of the video charts in it’s category.
It does not take a lot of views to push your video above the 95% of average videos populating YouTube.
With just a few thousand views, the video we uploaded received 3 honors. It became one of the top watched “How To” videos of the day. This in turn caused other people in YouTube to start watching it. Within days, we received another 4000 views from general browsers on YouTube.
Of course, we also mentioned our site in our blog post and on YouTube page showing the video. Of the 4500 viewers, around a 300 visited the site.
On the site, we managed to sell 17 sets of Burt’s home meditation product – the Goldman Mind Box. Each sold for $200. Out total takings – $3400 in revenue.
So we essentially made 76 cents for every person who watched our YouTube video.

The Lesson Learned

YouTube is becoming a viable marketing tool. It’s developing an audience that is interested in niche areas.
Rather than hosting videos on your own site using tools like Wimpy Player or InstantVideoGenerator – consider hosting you videos on YouTube.
In addition to being free and highly reliable (since Google owns them). YouTube can easily get you tons of free viewers and thus traffic to your site.

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