Friday, 2 November 2012

Jamaican Student Beaten Angry mob accuses him of being gay

Some classes at The University of Technology (UTech) were disturbed last evening as there was chaos following accusations that two male students were held in a bathroom in a compromising position.

Information reaching our news desk is that the men were set upon by a large mob, after they were accused of being held having sexual intercourse.
A student eyewitness told our news team, "After class, I was heading towards the roundabout and saw a big crowd by the school gate and heard lots of angry crowd noise. I saw police light flashing. Everybody was angry shouting let out the fish dem."

We where unable to view a two-minute YouTube video clip with a young man being kicked, punched and slapped by security personnel in a room, while being shielded from the angry mob on the outside.

It is reported that another man who was being accused managed to elude the security personnel and the hostile crowd.

During the clip, a large crowd converged outside a room where a young man was being interrogated by the security personnel. There were screams and shouts from onlookers who yelled, "Free up the ... bwoy ... Send dem out security, unuh alone waan have fun a beat dem."

The boisterous crowd grew by the minute with several persons questioning the background of the accused in the footage.

"A dah bwoy deh? Oh God. A which faculty him inna? So weh di next one deh?" questioned a female onlooker.
Efforts by our news team to speak with a representative from the campus proved unsuccessful as calls to several contacts including the Safety and Security department went unanswered.

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