Thursday, 22 November 2012

Making Money With Your Blackberry Phone

BlackBerry 10 lock screen

Making money on the internet is possible. With adsense there are many websites that allow you to monetize your content. With smart phones you can use your spare time to make money on the internet. There are 3 ways you can do this and I will outline these strategies one by one. What you have to remember is making money on the internet takes time and patience. If you are able to manage your time properly then the money will come.

I have a blackberry curve smart phone, this is a great phone which allows me to write content very quickly. I can quickly write 500 words using the email facility on the smart phone in about 20 minutes. I have calculated that during a typical day I waste about 6 hour travelling and doing needless activities, the only reason I can't write content is because I don't have my laptop. Now with my smartphone editing features I can quickly write the articles and email to myself to upload later.

I use this strategy for my blogs and on infobarrel. To mix it up a bit I also use my blackberry app to answer questions on webanswers. Another great app on most smartphones is the high pixel camera facility and ability to upload directly to YouTube. I have a 2 year old son for whom I constantly film and upload. Once you have enough videos you will get invited to the YouTube partnership program where ads will be placed on your videos.

Another great app is survey completer, if you are able to join a site like Global Test Survey then you can use this app to quickly complete surveys and generate income. If you can mix it up and use your spare time effectively then by using the features of your smart phone you can definitely make money.

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