Friday, 7 December 2012

How To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a killer among men. Statistics show that as many as one in six men will be diagnosed with the disease during his lifetime. Recent research on the subject gives tips on how to combat and prevent the cancer.
Increase Intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
A study undertaken by John S. Witte at the University of California has proven that men who ate fish such as salmon regularly (more than once a week), lowered their risk of developing an aggressive form of prostate cancer by 63% over those who seldom ate this type of fish. Ocean derived omega 3 fats are said to be the best supplements for prostate health.
Superfoods – Walnuts and Pomegranates
Ongoing research into superfoods and prostate health suggests that men should eat pomegranates and walnuts regularly as a preventative measure against prostate cancer. Phenylpropanoids and flavones that are found in pomegranates, for example, prevent cancer cells from interacting with testosterone and spreading in the body. Compounds present in walnuts were linked to a 30% slower growth rate of tumors and 50% smaller tumors in mice tested for cancerous tumors.
Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer
According to Professor Johanthan Waxman, Imperial College in London, “Vitamin D is a treatment which is unlikely to have significant toxicity and is a welcome addition to the therapeutic options for patients with prostate cancer”. Vitamin D not only increases calcium absorption, it has shown promise in helping to prevent certain cancers, notably prostate cancer. Vitamin D, can be obtained by simply spending time in the sun but it also can be obtained in supplement form.
Lower Cholesterol to Lower Prostate Cancer Risk
“Men with lower cholesterol levels have an almost 60% lower chance of suffering from an aggressive type of prostate cancer”, according to John Hopkins science studies. Losing weight, getting plenty of exercise and consuming a healthy diet will all help to reduce cholesterol levels.
Green Tea can Prevent Prostate Cancer
Antioxidants found in green tea are believed to prevent and treat prostrate cancer.
According to the National Cancer Institute, green tea contains polyphenol compounds, which are antioxidants and may prevent cancer. More research is underway.
Prostate cancer treatment can be successfully treated with natural remedies, provided the cancer has not progressed too far. Depending on the stage of the disease, professionals will help you to decide the best approach in treating prostate cancer.

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