Monday, 31 December 2012

Losing Weight Techniques Calories In Calories Out

Loosing weight is a challenged but it can be achieved, the main focus on weight lost should be calories in and calories out, that simple means eat less. Lets do some simple maths, 3500 calories make 1 pound try and eat 500 calories less a day and in one week you will loose one pound.

You can loose weight true exercise which helps to strengthen  the muscles and burn calories in the process, walking is a great exercise you can burn up to 305 calories by walking for one hour. You don't have to walk one straight hour you can walk 30 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in your lunch time and 15 minutes in the evenings.

Swimming is a great exercise to loose but you have to be careful in the water at all times. You can loose up to 632 calories a hour swimming. You can swim 10 minutes at a time if you cant go the full hour straight. and please remember be careful in the water.

Rope jumping (skipping) is my favorite form of exercise, you burn calories real fast when you jump rope you can loose up to 1,286 calories a hour jumping rope. It will take some practice but as time goes by you will be good at it. What i do is jump six set of ten minutes at day, i do 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at noon and 20 in the evening. And i can tell you that it really works.

There are other types of exercise that you can use to achieve your weight lost goals but the main thing in weight lost is to burn more calories than what you take in.  

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