Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Make Money Ways To

Every body want to make money these days, with the present economical crisis that is affecting the world today it is as reach a point where 9 to 5 jobs can't cover your bills.

You Have To Find Ways To Make Money.

(1) If you are a good writer you can create a blog and write good blog post and make money. If you are passionate about traveling you can create a blog that specks about traveling, then you can contact local travel agents in your area and offer them advertising spots on your blog for a monthly fee.

(2) If you have a big back yard like i do you can plant small crops like carrots or cabbage and sell to your neighbors.  Try and sell it little bit lower than what is been sold for at the local grocery  store.

(3) If you have a lot of stuff sitting at home that you are not using then you can have a monthly auction, and try get rid of some of those stuff cheaply. That will surely bring some extra needy cash.

(4) You can teach extra lessons, if you are very good at a subject like maths you can offer extra lessons to student who are slow at that subject for a small fee you will surely make money that way.

(5) If you can cook good you can offer catering services, you can provide catering services for staff parties, weddings or even you local school events, just make sure that your prices are very competitive.

As i said previously you have to find ways to make money, there are a lot of things around you that you can do really good, use these talents in your spare time and make money with them.

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