Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Main Reasons For A Cashless Systems

A cashless systems simple means control, in a cashless system they can see how much you spend, what you spend on and where you spend. That information can be used for bad and good.

The information on your spending pattern can be sold to other companies to take advantage of you. In a cashless systems your income and expenditure can be track easily and that will make it harder for tax dodgers. Base on the fact that your income and expenditure is easily accessable governments around can easily work out your taxes and take it out of your accounts.

In a cash less system corruption and illegal activities can be easily track because they will know where your income is coming from by a click of a button, so that will make law enforcement jobs around the world a lot easier.

In a cashless system your privacy will be a thing of the past, your life will be in the open they can know how much time for the month you go to the movies, how much time you have pizza for the month, how much time you use the call girl service and remember that these information can be sold.

In a cashless system theft will be reduce base on the fact that you will be caring around cards and not cash and if theft accrues it can be track easily and quickly.

Base on what have been said a cashless system simple means control.

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