Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Why Teenagers Should Not Be Involved In Sexual Activities

According to Oxford Concise English Dictionary, a teenager is an individual ranging from ages 13-19 years. Such individuals would not be caretakers of themselves but instead, would rely on parents or guardians to facilitate their daily needs.

Being inexperienced and having little or no knowledge about sexual intercourse puts these teenagers at risk of contracting sexual transmitted infections (STI’s) and sexual transmitted diseases (STD’s). Luckily sexually transmitted infections and some diseases can be cured. On the other hand, some of these diseases are life long thorns in one’s flesh and are highly stigmatized, being an outcast of society and putting shame on family members.   
Sexual activities practiced by teenagers can bring about many risk factors which can be highly contagious. Some of these factors may include; stress, which can be a distraction in one’s young mind. Another can be the addition towards wanting to have sex very often, as hormones are enticed by these actions whereas if not controlled properly can causes great damage.

A teenage girl involved in sexual practices in an unaware conscience can become impregnated which can also be classified as unwanted pregnancy. This is not needed by teenagers as becoming a mother thus early at times, dismantles or holds back such individual of pursuing their goals in life in the concentrated pattern which was layout for them.

Sexual practices in teenagers are not only referred to girls but boys as well. Teenage boys indulging in these behavior at times suffer from, anxiety, peer pressure and loss of integrity. A young teenage boy should not be indulging in such activity as receiving the invaluable results are not beneficial to them, even to the point of getting a young girl pregnant. This only incorporates the possibility of him becoming that conducive and productive man within society thus decreasing the rate of progressive men within the society.

So, teenagers are to be more vigilant, assertive and determined to avoid sexual activities as such practice is not beneficial to any teenager. This can be done with the help of concerned and aspiring parents/guardians who portrays the capabilities to instill the right values and attitudes within their teenage child/children in advancing responsible young men and women.
It thus requires a good communication channel between parents and children in acquiring great success.

One of the aims that could be instilled within a teenager is: “Abstinence makes sense”. This is a quote that is meaningful to any teenager as indulging in sexual practices too early can affect them in the future in a steep way.

Teenagers overall, need to understand and realized that sex is not all, and that they have a long future ahead of them, and it is up to them to start making and working towards building a conservative and constructive future. This can only be done by hard work, dedication, confidence, self esteem, pride and most of all integrity.

Therefore abstaining from sexual activities can empower teenagers to work hard towards their aspired dreams and build a concrete reputation which states; “Education is a must”.

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