Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gadgets To Have In A Hurricane or Storm

Each year we have noticed that there is more and more storms heading our way, it is now a part of life to have major hurricanes and storms yearly. It is predicted that there will be much more storms this year than last year.

One of the main thing to have in a storm is a good flash light with some very good batteries it is not wise to light candles during a storm as this can cause fire which can lead to serious injuries or death.

It is very important to have a cellphone that is properly charged  during a storm. Please don't make unnecessary calls as this will run down your batteries and your phone credit. Only use your phone to make emergency calls, please keep your cellphone in a dry place keep it away from water. I always recommend a cellphone that has on a flashlight and a radio for the storm.

In most instances after a storm there is no power the lines are down, that's why I always have an inverter on hand. An inverter can be use to charge your laptops and your cellphones, you can connect your inverter to your car batteries or your battery bank. What the inverter does is convert dc power to ac power so you can run your ac appliances as mentioned above.
What would we do without a good radio in a storm ? It is very important to have a radio in the storm so we can stay in tune to the weather channels and get regular updates about the storm. Make sure that the radio has proper batteries and try your best not to get your radio wet.


Please stay indoors and keep dry. If you are asked to evacuate by the local authorities please do so.  

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