Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Can I Really Save Money In These Times

Things are really ruff when i mean ruff i mean ruff, living in a third world country like Jamaica is not easy. With the devaluation of the dollar and the high cost of gas, food and energy it is so difficult for the normal Jamaican like myself to survive.

Take for instant it takes at least $6,000 Jamaica dollars a week to feed a family of 4 (wife a husband and two kids), you have to find another $5,000 Jamaica dollars a week to buy gas for the car. It cost a average of $4,000 dollars a week for lunch money for the kids, electricity and water bills comes to another $12,000 Jamaican dollars a month, rent or mortgage would run you another $30,000 Jamaican dollars monthly.

A middle income earner in Jamaica gets $15,000 Jamaica dollars before tax a week that is equivalent to 148 US dollars , so do the maths and ask yourself the main question can you really save. It is now obvious why so many Jamaicans or in such high debts.

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