Friday, 26 September 2014

How To Prevent The Ebola Virus

I love the old time saying prevention is better than cure yep, base on my research the only cure for Ebola is prevention you just have to prevent this killer virus from entering your system.

The people with the main role to prevent Ebola are governments, systems have to be put in place  at all point of entry to your borders to prevent people with Ebola from entering your country. All people travelling from countries that have an outbreak of Ebola should present a blood test to show that the are negative of the virus.

If Ebola cross your borders it is up to you as an individual to prevent it from catching you, try your very best to avoid all contacts with individual with the Ebola virus. It is spread thru semen. saliva, feces, vomit,  breast milk, basically all body fluids.

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