Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Can A Man Rape Is Wife

Can a man rape is wife is a very serious question, no is no many people say that if a woman says no and a man hold her down and take sex it is regarded as rape. Marriage mean you become one the woman belongs to the man and the man belongs to the woman, the woman must satisfy the man in what ever way he pleases when ever he wants some people says.

Many countries are trying to pass the law about men raping there wives, but it is a very hard decision to make. How will it be proven that the man raped is wife, before you can charge a person for rape you have to provide the evidence. You have to prove that the man took sex by force from is wife, how can the investigator get these evidence  is he going to do a DNA test, the problem in that case is that the wife can willing give her husband sex last night and he took it by force in the morning. There will be a big problem there.

You have to be extremely careful when you are investigating these cases, the woman and her husband can be in a disagreement and she willing give him sex and later turn up at the rape unit and said she has been raped by her husband.

The law cannot only be one sided if the husband can be charge for rape then the wife can also be charged for rape. As i mention earlier that rape is sex without consent weather is the man forcefully take it or the woman.

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