Friday, 16 January 2015

Can Terrorism Put The World Economy In A Recession

Can Terrorism Put the world economy in an Recession , with the past events in Paris with the killing of 12 people, can terrorism put the world economy in a recession. More countries are taking steps to avoid a terror attack, one way in doing so is by patrolling there borders and putting additional securities at over points of entry. Doing this will help to reduce the possibility of a terror attack.

A US drone in action over North Waziristan

Trying to stop a terrorist attack puts more strain on any economy and will slow down the movement of goods and services, doing so will slow down the world economy. It is costing the United States Of American government close to 100 millions  dollars a week to keep up an Air Strike on Islamic Militant. Terrorists are now targeting social network sites and and causing these companies to invest more in online security.

The war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq cost close to 6 trillion dollars, these nowadays terrorist are using some new tactics in there attack like what we saw in France at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine which will cost a lot more to stop them.

Terrorist organization are now using home grown people who can move about freely without being detected to carry out there terror attacks like what we saw happened in Canada. What will it cost governments world wide to deal with this sort of problem.


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