Friday, 17 April 2015

Can Marijuana (Ganja) Take Jamaica Out Of Poverty.

Can Marijuana take Jamaica out of poverty, marijuana  is a product of the hemp plant cannabis sativa and appears as a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried shredded leaves. Marijuana is mostly use for recreational purpose (smoking). 

The reason why people makes money selling marijuana is because it is illegal, and with illegal items comes a higher risk and the higher the risk the higher the income. If marijuana becomes legal the risk will be less the lesser the risk the lesser the income.

When marijuana becomes legal the price will go way way down, when the price of a commodity falls in order to make money you have to go for quantity and quality. Now there the big investors will come in with the money for production and the securing of the market for the product.

The small ganja farmer will ended up like normal people working on a sugar cane plantation working for minimum wages. Taking Jamaica out of poverty will have to do way more that ganja legalization, we have to educate our work force to take on the new millennium.

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