Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cell Phone Found In Prisoner Rectum.

Prison authorities here are planning more cavity search of inmates, after discovering a cellphone hidden in a prisoner’s rectum.

The prisoner has been identified as Alvin Emmanuel of the east coast village of Dennery, who was serving a three year sentence.

The device was recovered after prison authorities, acting on information, took Emmanuel to Hospital where medical officials retrieved the Blackberry telephone.

On the same day prison officials, reported recovering what appeared to be marijuana that had been concealed under the foreskin of another prisoner, identified as Francis James, who was serving six months for praedial larceny.

Earlier this year officials of the Bordelais Correctional Facility displayed a major collection of contraband items which it said had been seized by prison authorities from inmates over the past year.

The stash included 452 make shift weapons, over 1000 mobile cellphones, thirty pounds of marijuana and 350 lighters.
Prison officials said most of the items were thrown over the prison walls to be collected later by imprisoned gang members.

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