Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Who Next Will Be A Victim Of Crime In Jamaica ??

The biggest question on every Jamaican lips is who next will be killed, with the high upsurge of crime in Jamaica at least 1500 murder is committed  annually in Jamaica. Every four hour somebody is been killed by the gun in Jamaica the police force seems to be helpless.

What the cause of the violence in Jamaica?? the answer is poverty, because of poverty people turn to crime as a means of survival. The minimum wage in Jamaica is $5,500 Jamaican dollars a week or $45 United Sates Dollar. A family of five lives on $6.50 US dollars a day in Jamaica, education is a way to get you out of poverty but very few Jamaicans can afford to educate there children.

Corruption plays a major factor in crime, most public sector workers in Jamaica are under pay so criminals take advantage of this situations by bribing these workers so they in turn turns a blind eye and left the criminals to run free.

Jamaica as return to the days of Henry Morgan where criminals move around freely, the criminals determine who lives or who dies. They walk in any crowd any time of the day and kill who so ever they want.

I personally think we need international help to fight this crime monster.

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