Friday, 11 March 2016

Can Andrew Holness And the JLP Live Up To There Promises

A lot is expected of newly elected prime minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness, the JLP won the election by a very close margin 32 to 31 seats.

The JLP in there election manifesto  promise  the Jamaican workers a income tax relief by increasing the free-pay threshold to 1.5 million Jamaican dollars. What this means is that employees who earn 1.5 million and under will not pay income tax. 

This move by the JLP will decrease the amount of revenue the government collects, the words on every well thinking Jamaican lips is what will replace the shortfall of revenue from this political move.

I personally think that too much is expected of the newly elected government , base on the expectations from the Jamaican people Mr Andrew Holness needs a magic wand . So when he swings it all of Jamaica's problems will disappear.

Jamaica have a ridiculous crime problem, more than 1200 Jamaicans are been murdered each year and the police force seems helpless. We have a sliding dollar than has little or no value against major foreign currency like the United States Dollar.

Our health sector is a disgrace with the zik v and the swine flu epidemic our major hospitals.    

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