Thursday, 10 March 2016

St James High Male Teacher found Dead With Note beside Is Body

The police are now working to apprehend the killer or killers of a St James High School teacher whose decomposing body was discovered at his home here yesterday morning.
The dead teacher has been identified as 53-year-old of Dexter Dacres of New Haven Heights, Granville, Trelawny.
A source at the scene said that among the things removed from the house yesterday morning was a note that read:"I killed him because he tried to rape me".
Condoms and lubricants were also said to be found in the English language teacher's bedroom.
According to the police, they were summoned to the swanky New Haven Heights, Trelawny neighbourhood, by residents, who detected a stench coming from the home of the teacher yesterday morning.
Upon their arrival, the cops discovered the decomposing body, with multiple stab wounds, wrapped in a sheet.
The body was removed to the Doyley's Funeral Home.
The teacher was said to have been last seen on Saturday in the company of a boy who he said was a relative of his, residents say.
The  police are probing the incident.

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