Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Three Men Killed Over Cellphone In Montego Bay St James.

Cook shop operator, Tyrone Hinds, Michael Holder and a man identified as DJ Davil, who operated a sound system, were shot dead at the cook shop around 1 o'clock.
Head of the St. James Police, Senior Superintendent, Steve McGregor, says the police have contacted the woman’s family adding that they have been urged to have her surrender to the police.
It is reported that yesterday the woman went to the cook shop and a dispute developed between her and Hinds.
During the altercation, water was thrown which reportedly got into the woman’s phone.
She reported left the cook shop angry and vowed to return.
The police say at about 12:30 p.m Wednesday, men armed with high-powered weapons turned up at the cook shop and opened fire hitting Hinds.
The gunmen then reportedly turned their weapons on two male patrons who were inside the cook shop.
All three men died at the scene.
The police believe one of the gunmen is the woman’s boyfriend.
McGregor has expressed concern about the incidents of violent disputes in the parish and has appealed to residents to seek to resolve their issues without violence.
He also appealed to friends and family of the deceased to not carry out any reprisal attacks.

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