Thursday, 13 June 2013

About TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a remote software that can be use to access your PC from anywhere its is mainly intended to assist users control, view or transfer files from remote PCs or servers. TeamViewer as many  features for the remote access user. In addition to file transfer and remote access capabilities, there are also other features that make this software the ideal companies.

Learn How To Install And Use TeamViewer Below

Install the Software on the Second Computer
  1. Click Hear To Download TeamViewer  Once the download is complete, launch the app's installer.
  2. Select Install and then Next.                                                                                 Install-or-Run
  3. For personal use, please select personal/noncommercial and then click Next.
  4. Accept the license and usage agreement by selecting both checkboxes and clickingNext.
  5. For installation type, select Yes to install the host listening software on the current computer; then click Next. The software will now be installed.
  6. The app will prompt you to set up unattended access. Click Next, set a descriptive name and password for the computer, and click Next again.
  7. Select I already have a TeamViewer account. Fill in the username and password that you created previously, and then click Next. Click Finish to complete the setup.
The second computer will now be running listening software that waits for approved devices to connect to it, and can also connect to other computers you configure.
With the software is installed at both ends, connecting to the remote computer (typically called the host) from the computer/device where you are currently located (typically called the guest) should be easy.

Remotely Connect to One Computer From the Other
  1. Launch the software on the guest.
  2. Enter your TeamViewer account login credentials, and log in.                                   Enter-Password
  3. A list of computers associated with your account will be appear in the My Partners list; one of them will be the host computer that you configured earlier. Double-click the name of the remote computer that you want to connect to.
  4. Your remote computer's display will appear in a window, just as if you were sitting directly in front of it. Use the keyboard/mouse/touchpad/touchscreen of your current device to interact with it as you normally would. The software will take your local input and send it to your remote computer, which will then send its display back to your current device in real-time. (Note: For security reasons, some keys and key combinations won't go directly to your remote host, like Ctrl-Alt-Del for Windows. TeamViewer enables you to send these special keys and combinations through its software Actions menu.)
  5. When you're done accessing your remote computer, close the window to end the session.

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