Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Get Traffic To Your Sites or Blogs Marketing Your Site

A site without traffic is a boring site, to get traffic to your site is a lot of work it is not as easy as many people think. Having a great site without anybody knowing about it will do you no good, what you have to do is to show your site to the world.

One way to get traffic to your site is to find other popular blogs that have the same niche as you and comment on there blogs and leave a link to your blog, for example if you have a blog about relationship find a popular blog that talks about relationship and leave a good comment.

Social network is very important, Facebook and twitter are the two main ones, build a good list of followers on twitter make sure these followers have a interest in your niche. You can tweet your most recent blog posts on twitter and you will surely get a good amount of traffic.

Create a Facebook page about your site or blog and try to get as much likes as you can, then post all your posts on your Facebook page. Visitors to your page will see your posts and eventually will go to your blog or site you can get a lot of traffic from your page.

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