Sunday, 25 August 2013

Jamaica's Murder And Crime Rate

Jamaica is a very beautiful country located in the Caribbean it is surrounded by the sea, it as  lots of rivers , plenty fruits trees the land is very fertile. To me Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places on earth, Jamaica is a paradise.

Behind this beauty is a monster that has plague Jamaicans for decades, that monster is CRIME. Every four hours a Jamaican is been murdered either by the hands of gunmen or the hands of the police, what is causing all this killings is a mystery.

Jamaica is not been invaded by a next country, we are not in a civil war so why do we have such a high and ridiculous crime rate. In my opinion as a Jamaican i think the reason for this high crime rate is poverty, when people are poor they can be easily take advantage of, they can be used to do bad things.

Jamaica don't make guns so where are all these guns coming from to our shore, 95% of the murders committed in Jamaica is by the GUN. The government as put in many tasks force to combat this crime monster but they have all failed with little or no result, the crime monster is all ways one step ahead.

I have seen many families loose there love ones to this monster, the life expectancy of Jamaicans now stands at 30 with this monster. Crime is no longer limited to a certain area in Jamaica, it is affecting all level of society.

If you should interview every single Jamaican they can tell you that they have lost a family member or a close friend to this crime monster. The word on every single Jamaican lips is WHO NEXT.

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