Thursday, 26 September 2013

What Will Life Be Like At forty (40)

I am now thirty seven  the next 3 years i will be forty , i have been threw a lot in my life you name it i have been there. But the thought of reaching forty scares me a lot lol, i feel very young in fact i feel like i am 25 i run at least 2 miles every single day and i can still do a good two hours in bed, but you have to accept reality the older you get the weaker you becomes.

My daughters are getting old, a few years from now my kids will be adults and hopefully soon a next little one will be on the way. When you are 40 you have to take your health very serious, you have to try and exercise everyday, eat health "good bye fast food" and visit the doctor at least once a year for a check up "i hate needles lol", you must take the best care of yourself. 

You have to take your finances very serious, you are now closer to retirement you have to take every single dollar serious, party less or none at all, avoid the whole heap a girls "can i really do that lol ", you have to SAVE and SAVE and SAVE a lot you are going to need every penny. You should own your own house by then and own at least a car, you are going to need a lot of extra income so invest wisely. The kids will be of to university, the high utility bills, doctor bills and you name it, what i am simply saying to you is that one income alone cannot take you threw your forties and beyond.

The good things about been forty is that ladies love men in there forties "that i know i will love", the older you become the more attracted ladies or to you, the fact that you are more mature and you are suppose to be financially stable and the wealth of experience you have will have the ladies screaming at your feet.

So if i live to be forty i will tell you more lol.

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