Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What Is Hacking What is a Hacker

Hacking is any effort used to manipulate the behavior of any network connections or connected systems. A Hacker is any one who is engaged in hacking. The term hacking is referred to constructive, clever technical work that was not necessarily related to any computer systems.

How to prevent from been hacked, to be honest antivirus does not prevent your system from been hacked, antivirus software only gives you a false sense of security. One way i prevent from been hacked is to change my password at least once a week this will give the hacker a lot more work to do.

Don't use internet cafe to access your social network accounts or to access your email address accounts, this is one of the easiest way that hackers use to capture your data. Try to avoid using free WiFi networks, we all love free things but try and remember that there is nothing in life that is free, hackers love the idea to use free WIFI system to capture your data. 

Avoid free software online, yes the word free comes up again hackers used free software to capture your data, when you install a free software you also install spyware, what the spyware does it send all your information to the hackers.

What a hacker can do with your information, Wow that's a good question. Your personal information is your life, a hacker having all your information is like a total stranger finding your diary with all your personal information like your date of birth your social security numbers, credit card numbers and all your contacts.

Now ask your self the main question would you like someone to have all that information at there disposal.

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