Friday, 23 May 2014

Is Freedom of Speach Dead

Is freedom of speech dead or is it still alive, i have notice over the past few years that freedom of speech have been put to rest (R.I.P). In most religious groups you are not allowed to voice your opinion if you said something that the majority in the group is not in agreement with then you are you are kicked out and sometimes harsh punishment is handed down.

In most countries if not all when you voice your opinion you are seen as a threat, they try everything in there powers to silence you. They are many cases where journalists lives have been put in danger because of there opinion.

When you are working in some companies you have become a yes man, if you voice your opinion about your working conditions you have literally fired yourself. So basically you have to take what is force down your throat with a smile, so one could asked where is the freedom of speech at the work place.

We could simply say that we only use the word democracy but we don't practice it when it comes to freedom of speech. What is embrace more is communist, Leaders of countries, religious groups and business leaders only wants there opinion to be heard they see there opinion as law.

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