Friday, 23 May 2014

Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

I am not the best guy in the world but i know that i am not the worst, been in a relationship can be very fun and interesting but all the fun can lead to your worst nightmare. One of the first sign that your relationship is over is when your partner moves out of the your bedroom, she now find it a pleasure to sleep in the back room no matter what you do or say she sleeps in the back room for months. 

The next sign is that she finds every excuse in the world not to have sex with you, she is always tired or talking to her so called sister on the phone. And when she does have sex with you she acts as if she is doing you a favor.

She does not answer her phone when you called, when you ring her phone after she left work it goes straight to voice mail then you get a text from her that she is hanging out at some bar and her phone is on silent.

Another sign is she goes out late at nights and return in the morning, when she gets home she just get ready and head straight for work. Wow after a night out and she gets home she is well rested she must have slept in somebody else bedroom.

If you can work out the problems in your relationship try and do so, but if you cant try your best and move on peacefully. Because you win some and you loose some.

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