Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Making Money Writing Programs

With the high inflation eating away my savings, i have been exploring ways to make money both online and offline. One way i found to do this is by writing applications mostly database applications.

Writing programs takes a lot of time and effort but with the right marketing skills it can worth your time, before you write a program you have to do your field study. You have to know what you are writing the program about, you have to know what the client wants so you can tailor the application to suits the customers needs.

Take for instance you are writing a program for a small motel, you have to learn about there present reservation system so that you customize your program to suit there  needs. Reporting is very important most companies use reports in order to make very important decision. You have to find out from your client the type of report he or she needs.

The next step is to do your coding there are quite a few applications you can use to write your programs what i use is Visual Studios. It takes sometime to learn but as soon as you get a drift of it you are good to go.

Marketing is a very important word in the world of business if you have the best product and nobody knows about it, it makes no sense there are lot of ways you can market your programs there are a lot of sites online that sells your software, you can also use social media like Facebook , twitter , Google Plus and YouTube Etc.

Hear is a Simple Example

Public Class HelloForm
Private Sub btnDisplayHello_Click(
ByVal sender As System.Object,
ByVal e As System.EventArgs
) Handles btnDisplayHello.Click
lblHelloWorld.Text = “Hello World”
End Sub
End Class

This example Prints Hello World.

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