Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What Profession Should you Choose

What profession should i choose, that a very good question many young people are asking that question everyday. Some people say that you should choose something that you love, but can that land you a job after graduation.

With more and more jobs going to china less and less professionals are needed so many people are faced with unemployment and base on market trends things wont be changing for now. You have to look towards a profession that is in demand

Everybody wants to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or nurse these profession are overloaded some countries like Jamaica have put a stop order on hiring new teachers because of the over crowd in the profession. Getting educated is like a business you have to look on demand and supply before you venture and base on your research you find a profession that is in demand and then you proceed.

If you don't use that approach you are on your own, you will find it very hard to get a job and pay back your student loan. 

I will do series of blogger on jobs that are in demand

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