Thursday, 28 May 2015

Does Jamaica Need Outside Help To Fight Crime

With the quadruple murder in Claremont, St Elizabeth, and the killing of a teacher of the Bustamante High School in Clarendon i personally think that our leaders have lost the battle against crime in Jamaica.

Every four hours somebody is been killed in Jamaica, each year at least 1500 Jamaicans are been killed by criminals and the security force seems to be helpless. Three students from Clarendon was killed execution style while  coming home, a female taxi driver in Tucker St James was shot and killed as she carry out her daily duties.

The Jamaican government have set up several units within the Jamaica Police force to fight crime and all have failed. For the past twenty years all security ministers in Jamaica have failed miserably.

I think it is full time for us as a country to look to oversea for help to fight this crime monster, we have asked the International Monetary Fund to help us to stabilize our economy. Why cant we asked the United States Of America and the European Union to provide Jamaica with expertises to stop this crime monster.

I personally think that what is going on in Jamaica is genocide, over the last ten years more than 15,000 Jamaicans have been murder by criminals. The biggest question on every Jamaican lips is who next will be a victim of crime.

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